Let's Rock!


拋開一切的我人都醒神些,換上新衫去慶祝 and rock the world!!!! Btw, 這個 style  is perfect with my MMM!

Grey top with metal collar & fringes: 不知名意大利品牌 – Bought at “Ice”

Black Cotton + PVC legging: Izzue (上季的)

Shoes: Ash – Bought at “Ice”

Hand Bag: Maison Martin Margiela (全港入了兩個 only!)

杏色窩釘 Bracelet: Hermès  (Collier de Chien)

(如要知 “Ice” 在那裡,可直接click 入:《帶病上陣掃抵 4 對 Ash!》)

6 thoughts on “Let's Rock!

  1. Winki

    actually i love your posture in pic1!!!
    and love your style!!!

    of coz love you also!

  2. Jessica

    He’s just 4 years old…look at his facial expressions..esp the last 1.5mins!

  3. winnieleung

    Jessica: Thx soooooo much 4 sharing! My goodness!! i gotta learn from him!

  4. sammi

    woo…….u r gorgeous~!!!!! i love your style~! btw i hv the same legging too ^^

  5. winnieleung

    sammi: hahah. thx. that legging is just 2 nice and not expensive, agree?

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