Winnie Walker


這天整個打扮的重點是頸項上的「朱二盛」。我連續不停被不認識的人問我哪裡買和幾多錢!答案:香港中環街邊檔(但古定擺檔的)+港幣$450 (共3條,我自己配的)- 密切留意以後的介紹!

In the mood for some excitement! Let me just walk, walk, walk, and walk to rock, rock, rock and ROCK MY WORLD!

Black board shoulder jacket: “how and what” bought at Craver

White tee:izzue

Necklace: 中環街邊檔

Earring: Bought in China

Ring: Chanel Ultra Ring

Black belt: Ann Demeuleester

四個骨 Jeans:Mixx sixty

Shoes: Ash bought at “Ice”

8 thoughts on “Winnie Walker

  1. Hi Winnie

    你好fit 著衫好好睇..好羨慕你呀, 你個iphone 套好靚,我自己都有個豹紋,但唔係好靚,想請問下你呢個係邊度買嫁 :) tks!

  2. daisy*

    waaa!!使唔使甘型!!! Jealousieee jealousieee haha
    Summer la 快D share 減肥 Tips la boat tripsssssss awaiting :D

  3. LiLAin

    Love Winnie’s style~! ^3^~ VERY VERY NICE~! (please teach me how to keep fit / loss weight la~) July is coming~ Your NEW books would come out so soon, right? I am looking forward ^0^/

  4. sammi

    我都有件SIMILAR 既BLAZER ..不過冇你咁瘦…著得冇咁好睇呢…

  5. winnieleung

    Jovi: thx so much, I hv found the contact of my tailor, will leave message at that blog tomorrow

  6. winnieleung

    daisy*: aiya, thx la! I will I will. stay tuned

  7. winnieleung

    sammi: 唔好咁喇,你都著得好,如果唔係唔會買啦!

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