盛女愛作戰 - 首映夜


昨晚當大家在晚上 10:30 看《盛女愛作戰》的首播,我在銅鑼灣某餐廳的包廂裡面也同時在看。只是,已經是我第二次看。事緣昨晚我們一行 10 多人包廂進行首映夜,由晚上 7:00 開始一連 5 小時把整個節目的 10 集一口氣看完!


大合照!Congrats to all of us!

當最後一集播完之後,幕後所有功臣和部分出席的女主角紛紛站起來為節目監製棽應(Eunis)拍掌舉杯。我們先由 Eunis 帶領激動流淚如缺堤一樣,然後她邀請大家分享一下整個拍攝過程過後,再看到製成品的感想。就這樣大家便隨後追上,整個房間被溫馨的眼淚浸滿。

每個人真情感動的分享,實在好鬼溫馨。她,就是昨晚 TVB fun 投票最有好感的女主角 Suki !


激動,是因為由 zero to 100 我自己超越百分百的參與;

感動,是因為也許我從來真的沒有親口告訴各位女主角,我是如何欣賞她們的勇氣;同時也為播放了第一節之後開始陸續收到各方好友傳來的短訊還有在 Facebook 多到數不盡的讚和留言;


不安,是因為看到電視螢光幕上面的自己跟現在高鼻子的混血look 差別太大!也實在不禁問了自己多次:為什麼我不早一點去韓國然後才拍這個節目呢?

看完了完整的 10 集,我真心說句這個節目真的好好看,也做到我接拍的目的(可看昨天的 blog)。

最後我們在座的所有人還分享對看完 10 集之後有甚麼覺得好和不好。由於坐得在那個房間的人都有一定份量,現場唇槍舌劍火花不斷閃來閃去。

對同一件事有同樣 passion 的人走在一起費盡心機的把它落力做好的結果就是:成功與成長。


接下來,我便會按每集的進展,在這裡跟大家分享鏡頭背後的人與事,以及探討盛女們的愛情大忌,盛女們的性格分析等等。Stay Tuned!

22 thoughts on “盛女愛作戰 - 首映夜

  1. Eva

    忍唔住在這裡俾多個”讚” ^^ 我想正正是因為整個production team 的passion 和commitment (以及在TVB來說, 應該是創新), 令觀眾投入和期待, 亦相信會如winnie你所說, 會是一個很inspiring的programme (不是節目, 是”programme”, i think you will get what i meant ;P)

  2. Queenie

    Well Done, winnie! your show is going to be the talk of the town in the coming 2 weeks!!

  3. K5


  4. winnieleung

    Eva:Yep,got it!it’s really Programme x 2(based on time) hahhah

  5. winnieleung


  6. Lourdes

    超好睇呀!!!!!我考緊A LEVEL,都忍唔住睇你的節目!!!!!

  7. AA

    Hi winnie, 想問點解得一個叫MANDY 化行晒既?其他個個都素顏!

  8. lil

    我和男友對這個節目好贊! 現在香港實在很少這樣’真’的SHOW. 相信這個節目一定會有一個很大的影響,因為我身邊都有很多女仔朋友開始擔心自己的將來,但她們仍覺得不需去做主動,覺得’有緣自然來’,但其實在這個年代真的行不通了!幸福和美好的將來是要靠自己去爭取的.BTW, Winnie, 正如你之前BLOG提過的,希望很快聽到你的好消息吧XD

  9. Kali

    節目廣告令我好疑惑 “呢D係唔係又揾D人去 “”做””一個節目出黎呢?”
    琴日下午同另一女仔朋友都期待去睇…….睇完第一集後, 發覺好多野好真實, 只係感到節目時間太短了. 正!!

  10. ada


    you really did a great job!

    i have shared your blog and stuffs with my friends, especially this programme, yeah!!!

  11. female


  12. dude

    Winnie, 我係dude 呀(曾經係May-December Romance留言)! 我都係女人, 而我不得不說,我以你為傲!!!!! 搵伴侶只係其中一個得著, 知道自己既弱點, 從而改善, 唔係對將來既人生路更加有用咩? 支持你!!!!!!

  13. Terri

    Winnie, Like, like and like


  14. Maria

    winnie是丑八怪,为什么自己不先整容才上电视,看到你丑八怪的脸真的无法忍,更加没有想到的是你的内心比你的脸还要丑,,,不是说上帝是公平的吗?为什么winnie leung你一无是处呢?呵呵

  15. philosophy

    Wow! They are very brave, all of them. It is a very good show, and really entertaining. Be honest, I quite like Florence. She is the one making this show more interesting. She is unique and a obstinate woman. In fact, she is requiring a high standard of LOVE. I appreciate her insistence on picking a right guy, and she won’t spend her time to try different men. She knows how to respect herself. Some people might think that her perspective is out of date, in fact, there are some good quality men do really appreicate this kind of woman. My intuition tells me that Florence would get better communication with Western people/Foreigner. Anyway, “Bride Wannabe” is a very good show.

  16. Aussie friend....

    Just watched esp.3 & esp.4

    Bonnie, there is nothing wrong with you in the clubbing night. It’s just because Suki’s character is similar to most of the Kongee girls and that’s why she attracted lots of Kongee boys.

    The Kongee boys are not suitable for Bonnie. Caucasians would like Bonnie’s style as she is very independent. Have you ever though about finding a Caucasian boyfriend? I have a friend married at the age of 38 with a Caucasian who is 5 yrs younger than her and they have a baby boy now.

    I would suggest you to explore the world rather than finding a boyfriend in HK. I had some interesting experiences in Frankfurt & Vienna 7 years ago. In the last day of my trip while I am travelling on 1st class express train to Frankfurt international Airport, I came across with a German who is a lawyer. We had a good chat. He is a very nice guy but I forgot to get his number.Anyway, I was not thinking about relationship at that time as I just broke up with my ex-boyfriend. The main reason for travelling is to forget about my ex-boyfriend.

    Sometime ago, MSN, ICQ are popular. Now is facebook, Twitter, etc. Some people would believe it’s dangers to find your partner through social network. However, I do have friends met their partners through the social media. One of them married to Singapore.

    So, Bonnie, don’t give up. You just didn’t meet your prince yet.Bad luck. Things will get better.

  17. Dora

    I think “bride wannabe” is a biased show because in life, marriage is not a stop nor a start, but a choice. Love and beautiful cannot be built with money, fashion, image and tactics, basically, the so called coaches in this show are conman/woman seeking directions themselves,when they need to remake their face to seek a fake one, what kind of life coach is that?

    If you want to be happy and find true love, it is more than just finding a man or even marry a man. Basically, a show like this just tells us what true love and happiness is NOT.

  18. Jay

    Hi Winnie, 我有睇你上三個女人一個墟,你皮膚真係好靚呀! 而且你有自己主見同思想,加埋自信,我覺得你好快會搵到你嘅另一半! 我想問張醫生做thermage 仲有無讀者優惠呀?我好想好似你咁有超光澤皮膚呀!萬分感激!!

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