My "Dating" Outfit With 古巨基…

跟古巨基的約會,我選擇了我最愛的中性 look 免得跟另外那幾顆長長頭髮兩眼會發光的鑽石敗犬太隔隔不入!

Broad-Shoulder Jacket: NOHKE J (Bought @ Craver Shop )

Bow-Tie:Duchamp London (Bought @ Lane Crawford)

Make-up:  M·A·C Cosmetics (By Esme @Queensway M.A.C )

如果沒有我常指定要用的 Esme 替剛做完5天訓練的我化腐朽為神奇,我猜我絕對不可這樣精神和靚靚出鏡!Thanks for always being there for me, Esme!

Model 身上那件top 就是我的 outfit。NOHKE J 這韓國新星,近日深受莫文蔚愛戴!

而這對4吋有多的 Guess 高根鞋,在我白天穿著時更被受不同的男人稱讚,還要求拍照留念!(Bought at Off-Fifth Avenue in the USA)

2 thoughts on “My "Dating" Outfit With 古巨基…

  1. Miss O

    oh……….LOVE ur shoes… we always got similar taste on SHOESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  2. winnieleung

    Miss O: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. That’s how we became friends, remember? hahahha

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